Missale ad usum Ecclesie Westmonasteriensis

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 • Volume 3 of 3: [Officia varia] •  9781870252126

The Westminster Missal was commissioned for the abbey and written by Thomas Preston over two years for a fee of four pounds. It was given to the abbey by Abbot Nicholas Litlington, abbot 1362-1386 and builder of the Jerusalem Chamber, where the Henry Bradshaw Society was publicly launched. The manuscript was later divided into two volumes. It contains special provision for the coronation service, which it became traditional to hold in the abbey church. The manuscript, defaced here and there by the Visitors appointed by King Henry VIII, is now conserved in the Westminster Abbey Library, MS 37.

Third of 3 vols, containing 'Officia Varia', further notes and indices. It draws on London, British Library, Royal MS 2.A.:XXII; Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson MS C.425 (SC 12277); Rawlinson liturg. g.10 (SC 15832).

Currently available in a single printed volume together with [1] and [5].

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