Publications in preparation

The following editions are in the course of preparation:

English Benedictine Litanies
The third volume of Professor Morgan’s edition, comprising addenda, commentary, catalogue of saints and indexes, has been submitted to the publisher and will be issued to members as Vol. 123 early in 2018.

The Marginalia of the Old English Bede
Dr Jesse Billett has prepared an edition of the liturgical texts added to the margins of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 41, a manuscript discussed in detail in his monograph, The Divine Office in Anglo-Saxon England, published in HBS subsidia.

Medieval Kalendars from Ireland
Professor Pádraig Ó Riain is currently preparing an edition of these texts.

The Dunstan Pontifical
Dr Birgit Ebersberger of the Bavarian Academy has agreed to prepare for the Society an edition of the Dunstan Pontifical (Paris, Bibl.nat. Ms lat.943)

English Benedictine Kalendars post 1100, vol. 3: Kalendars of Male Houses, Norwich-York
Professor Nigel Morgan is well advanced in the preparation of this volume, which will at last complete the work begun by Francis Wormald with vols. LXXVII and LXXXI.

English Benedictine Kalendars post 1100, vol. 4: Benedictine Nunneries; addenda to vols. 1–2; introduction; and cumulative indexes to vols. 1–4
Professor Nigel Morgan has the material for this volume in hand.

Insular monastic office antiphoners
The late Professor David Chadd had an edition nearly ready for the press. The Society hopes to be able to complete that work, at his request.

The Red Book of Darley
Dr David Pelteret has agreed to consider editing this book (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 422) for the Society and has begun exploratory work on it.

The Exeter Benedictional
Prof Christopher A. Jones, of the Department of English at the Ohio State University, has in hand an edition of the Exeter Benedictional (London, British Library, Add. 28188), which he has offered to the Society as a future publication.