Publications in preparation

The following editions are in the course of preparation:

English Benedictine Kalendars after 1100, vol. 3: Kalendars of Male Houses, Norwich-York
English Benedictine Kalendars after 1100, vol. 4: Nunneries, Cluniacs and Addenda A-M
English Benedictine Kalendars after 1100, vol. 5: Introduction and Indexes
Professor Nigel Morgan is well advanced in the preparation of these volumes, to conclude the work begun by Francis Wormald with vols. LXXVII and LXXXI.

Carolingian Mass Chant Books
Edited by Dr Daniel DiCenso.

The Early Sarum Mass Liturgy in the Gradual Salisbury MS 159
Edited by Professor John Harper.

The Libellus Precum of Sigebert of Minden (Wolf. HAB Cod. Helmst. 1151)
Edited by Professor Joanne Pierce.

The Sarum Customary
Edited by Professor John Harper and Dr Henry Howard.

The Marginalia of the Old English Bede
Dr Jesse Billett has prepared an edition of the musical and liturgical texts added to the margins of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 41, a manuscript discussed in detail in his monograph, The Divine Office in Anglo-Saxon England, published in HBS subsidia.

The Dominican Missal
Edited by Dr Eleanor Giraud.