The Processional of the Nuns of Chester
Edited from a Manuscript in the Possession of the Earl of Ellesmere at Bridgewater House

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 •  9781907497032

This manuscript has in the meantime become San Marino, Huntington Library, MS EL 34 B 7, having been sold with the rest of the collection to Henry E. Huntington in 1917. It contains a fifteenth-century Latin text interesting for its admixture of English rubrics, as well as prayers and hymns. Chester was in the Lichfield diocese, and thus in the Province of Canterbury, so it is no surprise that the text is closer to Sarum than York usage. Much of the edition gives only incipits and explicits, referring to the contents of other editions of liturgical monuments. The plainchant contained in the MS is not reproduced. The buildings of the Chester monastery have long been destroyed, so it is not possible to work out processional routes to elucidate the text.

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