The Missal of Robert of Jumièges

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 •  9781870252096

A book of the early 11th century, and hence pre-dating the Norman Conquest of England, presented as a gift to his former Abbey of Jumièges by Robert of Jumièges, Bishop of London 1044-1050; then Archbishop of Canterbury 1051-1052, who died in exile at the Abbey, of which he had been abbot, in 1055. The edition, from Rouen, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 274 (formerly Y.6), gives the full text, without collation, but with an extensive introduction that adverts to parallel texts, and is furnished with full indices. The sacramentary was probably written at New Minster, Winchester, by a scribe of the Winchester school. The last 21 leaves may have been copied from a book not intended for use at Winchester. Peterborough Abbey would be a candidate for the source text.

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