Society Policies

Data Protection Policy

The Henry Bradshaw Society retains names, postal addresses and email addresses of its members: they are stored securely and are only available to those Officers of the Society with a specific need to access them. Email addresses are used solely for circulating information relating to the running of the Society (such as documentation for the Annual Meeting, and subscription renewals), and are never passed to third parties; postal addresses are used for the same purposes where members have no known email address. Postal addresses are also passed to our publisher and distributor as necessary, solely as a means of enabling our publications to be despatched to members, and will not be used for any other purpose by these or any other third parties. It is our policy not to extend these uses of personal data in any way without the explicit agreement of the owners of the data.

All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

Statement of Reserves Policy

The Society holds no permanent endowment, and all its funds are expendable. Trustees regularly review the level of reserves required to meet the Charity’s commitments to subscribers, for subscriptions received, and to editors, for volumes in various stages of preparation, and consider the consequences of a major reduction in income or increase in expenditure. Since the Society has generally issued publications in arrears to members paying subscriptions, it has been protected from the risk of building up debts by allowing major expenditure only to follow accrual of income. The Trustees consider this policy to be sufficiently prudent in the circumstances.

Statement of Risk Policy

The Trustees consider any risks to which the Charity may be exposed, and are satisfied that they have sufficient procedures in place to mitigate risks to expenditure arising from reductions in income.