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Membership of the Henry Bradshaw Society entitles you to a free copy of the book published for the year in which the subscription is paid. The subscription for membership is kept as low as possible. The costs of running the society are minimal, and no officer or editor receives payment. The cost of publishing books is chiefly met from subscription income, with additional subsidy from royalty income and occasional grants obtained by editors. The recent accounts of the Society can be found in the annual reports.

The Society currently has several hundred members worldwide, comprising major research libraries, academics, and other individuals with an interest in early liturgical documents. Membership is open to anyone wishing to support the Society’s work. The volumes in the Main Series of publication are each assigned a corresponding period of subscription (usually one or two years), based on the cost of production. Members whose subscriptions are complete for that period receive the volume free of charge, in return for their subscription. Current members who are not so qualified may obtain new volumes upon publication, in return for the appropriate back-subscription.

The series of Subsidia are not provided free of charge, but are available to members at a discounted rate. Older volumes of the Main Series, most of which are now out of print and available as reprints or through Print-on-Demand, are also available at a discounted rate to members.

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