The Clerk's Book of 1549

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 •  9781870252607

The work edited is a printed volume The Psalter or Psalms of Dauid, corrected and poyncted as thei shalbe song in Churches after the translacion of the greate Bible, Herunto is added, diuerse thynges as maie appere on the next side, where is expressed the contentes of this hoke. A. Domini M.D.XLIX, Mense Augustij, Colophon: Imprinted by Richard Grafton, printer to the Kinges Maiestie, Mense Augustij, 1549. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum, STC 2377.

The bulk of this work consists of a psalter, which is not reproduced here. The section that is published is in general derived from the First Prayer Book of King Edward VI, with virtually everything omitted that did not regard the parish clerk. Full copies are currently known to exist in the British Library, and Yale. The edition is accompanied by fourteen appendices in which are printed documents relating to the duties of parish clerks before and after the Protestant Reformation.

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