Tracts on the Mass

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Despite the title, the volume is in fact largely concerned with various forms of the Ordo Missae, or Ordinary of the Mass, including the vesting prayers and rubrical framework.

Eleven items are edited:

  1. Ordinary from a MS Sarum Missal c. 1320 in private hands, the Morris Missal. This MS, likewise known as the Tiptoft Missal, subsequently passed into the J. Pierpoint Morgan collections in New York [MS M.107], JamesPM n. 8.
  2. B. Langforde, 'Meditacyons for goostly exercyse. In the tyme of the masse', 15th-16th centuries, from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Wood MS empt. 17. Cf. Robert R. Raymo, 'XX. Works or Religious and Philosophical Instruction', in Albert F. Hartung (ed.), A Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1500, Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, New Haven, Connecticut, vol. 7 (1986), pp. 2255-2378, 2467-2582, at pp. 2355-2357, 2561.
  3. Alphabetum Sacerdotum, printed by Jean Petit for Guy Marchant, Paris, 10 September 1499 (GW 1571), from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 14, collated with other editions: Pierre Le Dru for Jacques Moerart, Paris 1495 (London, British Library, IA.40735; GW 1570); [Antoine Denidel?], for Claude Jaumer, Paris c. 1500 (GW 1572); Pierre Le Dru for Denis Roce, Paris, [c. 1505]; Jean Petit, Paris [?] (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, D.57983).
  4. Ordinary from Coutances Missal of 1557, Missale cunctis sacerdotibus iuxta Constancien diocesis institutum, [...] Robert Valentin, Rouen, 1557 (WB 317).
  5. A Dominican Ordinary from London, British Library, Additional MS 23935, ff. 480-484 (c. 1260-1275).
    Appendix. Rubric on private masses from Dominican Missale Predicatorum, Steffen Arndes, Lubeck, 1502, (Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud. Misc. 283; WB 1827).
  6. A Carthusian Ordinary (late 15th, early 16th century) from London, British Library, Cotton MS Nero A.III, ff. 130-160.
  7. 'Preparatio Sacerdotis', from an octavo edition of the Roman Missal published by Nicolaus de Frankfordia at Venice in 1493 (WB 925; London, British Library, IA.23359).
  8. Johannes Burchardus, [Ordo Missae], from edition published in 1502 at Rome by Johann Besicken (London, British Library, C.52.d.14).
  9. 'Indutus Planeta', from the octavo edition of the Roman Missal published by François Fradin at Lyons in 1507 (London, British Library, 472.a.43; WB 987).
    Appendix from the folio Uzès Missal printed at Lyons by Johann Neumeister in 1495 (London, British Library, IB.41819; WB 1605).
  10. Ludovicus Ciconiolanus, Directorium Divinorum Officiorum, Antonio Blado, Rome, 1539 (London, British Library, C.52.a.3).
  11. Ordinary from a MS Sarum Missal of 13th century, which at the time of publication was in the possession of the Earl of Crawford, and is now Manchester, John Rylands University Library, MS Lat. 24, ff. 147-155v.
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