The Bobbio Missal
MS Paris. Lat. 13246

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 •  •  • Volume 3 of 3: Notes and Studies •  9781870252546

While devised as independent works, there are three volumes in the series concerned with this manuscript: [53], [58] and [61]. The individual contributions in this volume are:

  • A. Wilmart, 'Notice du Missel de Bobbio', at pp. 1-58;
  • E.A. Lowe, 'The Palaeography of the Bobbio Missal', pp. 59-106;
  • E.A. Lowe, 'Notes on Parallel Forms in Early Texts', pp. 107-147;
  • E.A. Lowe, 'The Canon of the Boobio Missal', pp. 147-155;
  • H.A. Wilson, 'Table of Lections in the Bobbio Missal', pp. 156-159.

Currently available in a single printed volume together with [58].

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