The Bridgittine Breviary of Syon Abbey
from the MS with English Rubrics F.4.11 at Magdalene College, Cambridge

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 •  9781870252485

This edition is unusual in several respects. Like the preceding volume it was printed with exceptional typographic beauty at Stanbrook Abbey. It also represented at the time of printing a liturgy then still in active use, as it is indeed largely today. Syon Abbey was a Brigittine house situated near Twickenham, Middlesex, and founded in 1415 from the mother-house at Vadstena. It was to develop to be a bright light of learning and piety in Tudor England till its dissolution in 1539. Thereafter the male community was extinguished, but the nuns went into exile and survive to the present day, now established at South Brent in Devon.

The MS edited here in part contains in its entirety also a Psalter, the twelve usual canticles and a litany (all omitted here), and was written after 1422. John Wickham Legg had copied Magdalene F.4.11 in or before 1894 and later H.A. Wilson made another transcript, but it was never published. The Collins edition has reference also to the printed liturgical editions of 1697 [BB 968] and 1908.

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