Manuale ad usum percelebris Ecclesie Sarisburiensis
from the edition printed at Rouen in 1543 compared with those of 1506 (London), 1516 (Rouen), 1523 (Antwerp), 1526 (Paris)

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 •  9781870252508

In effect the edition is of the Ritual of the Sarum Use. The editor set out to replace the at points faulty and misleading appendix 'Abbreviated Reprint of the Sarum Manual' which W.G. Henderson added to his edition of the York Manual and Processional for the Surtees Society (Manuale et Processionale ad usum insignis Ecclesiae Eboracensis, Durham 1875 [Publications of the Surtees Society vol. 63], pp. 1*-112*).

In its final form the Manual is a book that has effectively been taken over by secular commercial publishers, which explains some of the curiosities it contains. The editions listed in the title of this volume are STC 16150, 16140, 16142, 16145, 16147.

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