The Claudius Pontificals
from Cotton MS Claudius A.iii in the British Museum

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 •  9780907077145

Three fragmentary pontificals from the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries correspond to ff. 39-86v, 106-136v, 137-150v (I), ff. 9-18v, 87-105v (II), ff. 19-29v (III) of an artificial and late grouping of material in the library of Sir Robert Cotton, now in the British Library collections.

Pontifical I seems to have belonged to Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester (1003-1016) and Archbishop of York (1003-1023). Pontifical II seems to come from the monastic community of Christ Church, Canterbury, in the second quarter of the eleventh century, while Pontifical III is from the same community, written c. 1090-1150. Cf. CLLA, n. 950.

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