The Ordinale and Customary of the Benedictine Nuns of Barking Abbey
University College, Oxford, MS 169

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 •  • Volume 2 of 2: Sanctorale •  9781870252966

Second of 2 vols. The MS, of which ff. 6-208 are edited, was written on the instructions of Abbess Sibille Fenton (1359-1419, abbess 1394-1419) and presented to the Barking Abbey, Essex, in 1404. The liturgical usages regulated are almost entirely limited to the functioning of the choir.

This text is one of several liturgical MSS surviving from Barking, others being London, British Library, Cotton MS Otho A.V (a fragment of five leaves of calendar and computational tables); and Cambridge, Trinity College, MS 0.3.54.

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