North Italian Services of the Eleventh Century
Recueil d'Ordines du XIe siècle provenant de la Haute-Italie (Milan, Bibl. Ambros. T.27.sup.)

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 •  9781870252317

The MS collection, which it must be admitted is poorly titled in English for the Bradshaw edition, dates from 11th-12th century and is evidently from an episcopal city of some size in Northern Italy (Brescia?), but the exact location is elusive.

Legible are ff. 5-62, which contain ordine for the baptism of children in danger of death, for the scrutinies (very extensive rites), and the blessing of the fonts, ad paenitentiam dando, of the sick, the blessing of sackcloth and ashes, and the blessing or exorcism of water and salt. The edition has a full introduction and indexes.

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