The Leofric Collectar
compared with the Collectar of St. Wulfstan, Together with Kindred Documents of Exeter and Worcester

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 •  • Volume 2 of 2 •  9781870252720

Second of 2 vols. The volume is quarto format, and along with a general introduction, includes a scheme of the contents of the 'Portiforium of Oswald' or of St Wulfstan (c. 1009-1095), Bishop of Worcester 1062-1095, a Worcester book of the second half of the 11th century, from Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 391. This MS was later edited fully as RBS vol. 89. The volume also contains a scheme of British Library, Harley MS 863, a Psalter of the 11th century (Appendix II), and presents litanies from British Library, Additional 28188, a Pontifical; Cotton Galba A. XIV, an 11th century miscellaneous book of devotions; and Salisbury Cathedral Chapter Library, MS 180, a 10th century psalter. From this latter are edited a series of 17 concluding prayers, mostly in collect form. MS Cotton Galba A. XIV was later edited by B.J. Muir in [103].

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