The Leofric Collectar
compared with the Collectar of St. Wulfstan, Together with Kindred Documents of Exeter and Worcester

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 •  • Volume 2 of 2 •  9781870252720

Second of 2 vols. The volume is quarto format, and along with a general introduction, includes a scheme of the contents of the 'Portiforium of Oswald' or of St Wulfstan (c. 1009-1095), Bishop of Worcester 1062-1095, a Worcester book of the second half of the 11th century, from Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 391. This MS was later edited fully as [89]. The volume also contains a scheme of British Library, Harley MS 863, a Psalter of the 11th century (Appendix II), and presents litanies from British Library, Additional 28188, a Pontifical; Cotton Galba A. XIV, an 11th century miscellaneous book of devotions; and Salisbury Cathedral Chapter Library, MS 180, a 10th century psalter. From this latter are edited a series of 17 concluding prayers, mostly in collect form. MS Cotton Galba A. XIV was later edited by B.J. Muir in [103].

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