The Mass in Sweden
Its Development from the Latin Rite from 1531 to 1917

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 •  9781870252904

The volume is a commentary presenting texts from the 1493 Linköping Breviary (GW 5373); the Upsala Missals of 1484 (WB 1609), and 1513 (WB 1610); the Abo Missal of 1488 (WB 1); the 1531 Swedish Mass of Olavus Petri (with English trans.); the 1571 'Church Order' of Laurentius Petri (with English trans.); the Mass of King John III ('Red Book') (Latin and Swedish); the 1602 Communion Office of King Charles IX (Swedish with English trans.); and the 1917 Eucharistic Order (in Swedish with English trans.).

GW = Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, herausgegeben von der Kommission für den Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, Hiersemann, Leipzig, 1925 onwards, 9 vols to date.
WB = William Henry James Weale (Hanns Bohatta, ed.), Bibliographia Liturgica: Catalogus Missalium Ritus Latini ab anno MCCCCLXXIV impressorum, collegit W. H. Jacobus Weale, iterum edidit H. Bohatta, Quaritch, London, 1928.

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