The Portiforium of Saint Wulstan
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS 391

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 • Volume 1 of 2 •  9780907077107

First of 2 vols. The MS is dated to 1065-1066, and comes from Worcester, though its prototype was from Winchester. It is to be noted that the MS is paginated not foliated. No readings are contained in it, and pp. 581-618 give numerous private prayers, some of them in Old English.

The contents of the MS had already been schematized by W.H. Frere for [56]. It was here edited in its own right and in its entirety. The introductory material notes that Frere listed the litany, hymns and matins canticles in [56], pp. 602-608. The calendar (MS pp. 3-14) was edited by Francis Wormald in [72], pp. 212-223.

The Hughes edition covers pp. 295-712 of the MS, omitting the psalter, canticle and hymnal, for which the reader is referred to Analecta Hymnica and Repertorium Hymnologicum. Thus with the exception of the psalter (Gallicanum) and canticles, the publication of this edition meant that whole of the MS had been edited.

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