Expositio Antiquae Liturgiae Gallicanae

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 •  9780907077152

This text is edited from Autun, Bibliotheque municipale, MS 184 (formerly Autun, Grand séminaire, MS G.III), which is a miscellany volume dated approximately to the early 9th century in the Tours area. The edition is a posthumous one arranged from the papers of the author (who died in May 1968), and it includes text, annotations, and index. The text itself covers only 23 pages.

There is no introduction, only a general reference to Andre Wilmart's articles 'Germain de Paris (Lettres attribuées à Saint)' (DACL VI, 1049-1102); and 'Expositio Missae' (DACL V, 1014-1027). Wilmart (DACL VI, 1102) concluded that it reflected the liturgy of Autun, but that its contents, drawn in part from Isidore's De Ecclesiasticis officiis, cannot be but a distant reflection of Gallican liturgical practice and that it is not the work of Germanus of Paris (496-576). Cf. CLLA, vol. I, p. 154.

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