English Benedictine Kalendars after A.D. 1100

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 • Volume 2 of 2: Ely - St Neots •  9781870252355

Second of 2 vols. A third volume announced after the Second World War was never published. This volume continues the series, drawing upon a considerable range of manuscript sources. Seven kalendars are edited:

  1. Ely Cathedral Priory: from Cambridge, Trinity College, MS 0.2.1, ff. lv-13; London, British Library, Arundel MS 3n, ff. 3-5v; Harley MS 547, ff. lr-7; Additional MS 33381, ff. 2v-8v; Milano, Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, MS AF.Xl.9, ff. lv-4.
  2. Evesham Abbey, Worcestershire: from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Barlow MS 41 (SC 6481), ff. 158-163v; London, British Library, Additional MS 44874, ff. 2-5v; Lansdowne MS 427, ff. 20-38; 1 Evesham, Almonry Museum, Psalterium.
  3. Peter's Abbey, Gloucester: from New York, Pierpoint Morgan Library, MS 99; Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson MS liturg. f. 1 (SC 15807), ff. 4-9v; Oxford, Jesus College, MS 10, ff. 1-6v.
  4. Westminster Abbey, London: from London, British Library, Royal 2.A.XXII, ff. 5-lOv; London, Westminster Abbey Library MS 37 (Missal of Nicholas Litlington), ff. 3-8v; Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson liturg. g.10 (SC 15832), ff. 1-6v.
  5. Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire: from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson liturg. g.12 (SC 15758), ff. 95v-107.
  6. Muchelney Abbey, Somerset: from London, British Library, Additional MS 43405, ff. 1-6v.
  7. St Neot's Priory, Cambridgeshire: from London, Lambeth Palace, MS 563, ff. 2-7v; Oxford, Brasenose College, MS 21, ff. 2-7v.
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