Pontificale Lanaletense
(Bibliothèque de la Ville de Rouen, A.27. Cat. 368.), A Pontifical formerly in Use at St Germans, Cornwall

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 •  9781870252669

The MS edited here was transcribed by Leopold Wickham Legg and the edition announced in 1903. The edition does not print all texts in full, but refers to the Benedictional of Archbishop Robert, citing only variants to that text.

The MS, formerly at Jumièges Abbey, is not earlier than the twelfth century, and is problematic in various respects. In the first place there are numerous dislocations both in the present manuscript and in its source. The editor sees it as a compilation by an English bishop, used in Wessex, and probably at Wells. The term 'lanalatense' refers in the editor's opinion to St Germans in Cornwall, an ancient Celtic monastery-bishopric and from c. 930 seat of a new diocese of Cornwall (till 1043).

The contents include ordines for the dedication of a church, coronation of a king and of a queen, blessing of virgins, blessing of monks, and of abbots, conferment of tonsure and all the holy orders up to and including the episcopate, a series of episcopal blessings, Ash Wednesday rites for penitents, blessings and exorcisms for Lent and Eastertide, including reconciliation of penitents on Maundy Thursday, and blessing of milk and honey, prayers relating to ordeals by hot iron, and by cold water, exorcisms, excerpts from the canons of Egbert, and ordines for visitation of the sick and absolution of penitents.

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