The Benedictional of John Longlonde, Bishop of Lincoln
British Museum MS Add. 21974

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 •  9781870252942

The MS book contains directions for the vesting of a bishop and the singing of pontifical High Mass (ff. 1-21), and a collection of episcopal blessings, mainly quadripartite (ff. 22-83). These latter include a series elsewhere given under the name of Archbishop John Peckham of Canterbury. While this manuscript is carelessly written, there are some variant readings here, and there are corrections in the hand of John Longelonde (1473-1547).

The edition is of the entire manuscript and collates with the text edited (poorly) by Ralph Barnes (Liber Pontificalis of Edmund Lacy, W. Roberts, Exeter, 1847), and with the unpublished Pontifical of Bishop Anianus of Bangor (1267-1307), which is dated to 1279 (Bangor, Cathedral Chapter Library, on deposit in the University College of North Wales, University of Wales, Bangor), and with the Litlington Westminster Missal.

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