The Customary of the Benedictine Monastery of Saint Augustine, Canterbury, and Saint Peter, Westminster

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 • Volume 1 of 2: Text of Cottonian MS, Faustina C.XII •  9781907497087

First of 2 vols. The MS dates from c. 1330-1340, and is of course housed in the British Library collections in London. It derives from a number of separate earlier compilations. The MS begins now at leaf 51. The other leaves, now lost, contained a customary. In its present state, the first complete item is a text on the reception of novices, followed by a series of documents relating to the election of Abbot Ralph de Bourne in 1309, a revision of certain rules by Abbot Nicholas Thorne (abbot 1273-1283), then chapters on the duties of principal officers. The bulk of the manuscript then follows, containing a customary. All this surviving material is edited here. For details of the edition, see also [28].

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