Sacramentarium Fuldense saeculi X
Cod. theol. 231 der K. Universitätsbibliothek zu Göttingen

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 •  •  9780907077190

The volume is an offset reprint of the 1912 edition as detailed on the original title page, which is reproduced in full. There is a brief introduction by D.H. Tripp detailing some relevant post-1912 publications. The volume was discussed by Dom Henri Leclercq in an article 'Fulda (Manuscrits liturgiques de)', in DACL, t. 5 (1923) coll. 2684-2692, with a full table of contents. The sacramentary, dated to the 10th century, contains much material from the eighth-century Gelasians, but is not of the same type.

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