The Cracow Pontifical
Pontificale Cracoviense Saeculi XI (Cracow, Jagellionian Library, MS 2057)

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 •  9780907077176

This Polish pontifical was based upon a prototype from the monastery of St Albanus in Mainz in the 10th century, and was destined for use at Cracow. The codex, now in the Jagellonian University Library (Biblioteka Jagiellónska), Cracow, was written c. 1050-1075, most probably either in Cracow or in the scriptorium of the Benedictine monastery of Tyniec nearby, and is a witness to the movement for reconstruction of the Polish Church under Boreslaus the Bold.

The book contains a number of prayers and offices not otherwise found in the Romano-German pontificals, and has a number of blessings that seem to stem from Northern France or England. The edition is furnished with introductory material in Latin, English and especially German.

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