The Liturgy of the Late Anglo-Saxon Church

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The essays in this volume offer the fruits of new research into the liturgical rituals of later Anglo-Saxon England. They include studies of individual rites, the production, adaptation and transmission of texts, vernacular gospel translations, liturgical drama and the influence of the liturgy on medical remedies, poetry and architecture; also covered are the tenth-century Benedictine Reforms and the growth of pastoral care. It will be valuable for anyone interested in later Anglo-Saxon England as well as medieval liturgy and church history.


  • Introduction - Helen Gittos
  • The Roman Psalter, its Old English Glosses and the English Benedictine Reform - Mechthild Gretsch
  • Making the Liturgy - Susan K. Rankin
  • Rending the Garment and Reading by the Rood: Regularis concordia Rituals for Men and Women - Joyce Hill
  • Rites for Public Penance in Late Anglo-Saxon England - Sarah Hamilton
  • The Chrism Mass in Later Anglo-Saxon England - Christopher A. Jones
  • The Veneration of the Cross in Anglo-Saxon England - Sarah Larratt Keefer
  • The Rites and Ministries of the Canons: Liturgical Rubrics to Vernacular Gospels and their Functions in a European Context - Ursula Lenker
  • Cross-Referencing Anglo-Saxon Liturgy and Remedies: the Sign of the Cross as Ritual Protection - Karen Jolly
  • The Sign of the Cross: Poetic Performance and Liturgical Practice in the Junius 11 Manuscript - Catherine E. Karkov
  • How much can Anglo-Saxon Buildings Tell us about Liturgy? - Helen Gittos
  • Ritual and Drama in Anglo-Saxon England: the Dangers of the Diachronic Perspective - M. Bradford Bedingfield
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