The Colbertine Breviary
from the Copy in the British Museum (C.35.f.21)

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 • Volume 1 of 2 •  9781907497193

First of 2 vols. The work edited is a volume printed c. 1675-1680 with incipit: Psalterium dispositum per annum, BB 568, 569. Its true classmark in the (now) British Library collections is C.35.f.5. It represents a private initiative by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the finance minister of Louis XIV, for use in his household. Compiled chiefly by the abbé Jean Gallois (1632-1707), it has affinities with the breviary of Cardinal Quiñonez in some of its principles, though it is by no means a copy of Quiñonez's work. It also owed much to the Paris Breviary of 1680, to the preparatory material of which Colbert's position presumably gave him access.

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