The Stowe Missal
MS D.II.3 in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

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 • Volume 2 of 2: Text and Introduction •  9780950100982

The MS edited here was named from its being housed in the early 19th century at Stowe House, Buckinghamshire. It is most probably to be dated after 792 AD, the date of the death of Maelruain, founder of the monastery at Tallaght, whence it probably came. It was probably taken soon afterwards to the Abbey of Lorrha in Ormond, County Tipperary. It was still in Ireland in 1735, but later in the eighteenth century it turned up in Germany. It was purchased by the British government in 1883 and deposited in the Royal Irish Academy. As a whole the MS includes a text of St John's Gospel, an Ordinary and Canon of the Mass, ordines for baptism and the visitation of the sick, and it may have been devised for an event such as the dedication of a church. The leaves found edited here are ff. 12-76.

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