English Monastic Litanies of the Saints after 1100, III

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 • Volume 3 of 3: Addenda, Commentary, Catalogue of Saints, Indexes •  9781907497339

The litanies of the monastic orders in England, above all those of the Benedictines, are key witnesses of devotion to the saints of the British Isles, whose relics and shrines were mostly in Benedictine abbeys and cathedral priories. However, although many of the calendars of the Benedictines have been published, litanies are more rare, and the majority of those within this volume are presented as text editions for the first time. The majority of the texts are Benedictine, but the few surviving litanies from the other monastic orders, Carthusians, Cistercians and Cluniacs, are included, and also those of the Order of Fontevrault.

This volume, the final in a set ot three, contains a complete catalogue of all the saints mentioned in the litanies, providing such information as their miracles, their resting-place, and their origins. It also provides full indices to all three volumes.

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