Ælfwine's Prayerbook
London, British Library, MS Cotton Titus D.xxvi + xxvii

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 •  9781870252041

This edition presents two manuscript fragments which once formed part of a single book, written by two scribes at New Minster, Winchester in the first half of the eleventh century for the monk Ælfwine, who was then dean and later became abbot (1031-57). It contains a calendar with necrology, computus with Easter table, three offices (of the Trinity, the Holy Cross and the Blessed Virgin), a collectar in 197 pieces, a litany of the Saints, an ample collection of private prayers (many of which are orations in collect form, some of which are psalter collects), and not a few secular texts, including lunaria, some in Latin, others in Old English.

Cotton ms. Titus D.XXVII, fols. 65v, 75v, and Cotton ms. Titus D.XXVI, fol. 19v contain important full-page drawings, of the Crucifixion, of the Trinity with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus, and of St Peter, reproduced and extensively described and comparatively analysed in this edition, as are, one by one, the other sections.

The text is extensively annotated (especially as to source) and is furnished a bibliography and collation tables.

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