History of liturgy: a new seminar series at the Institute of Historical Research

Seminars will take place at the Institute of Historical Research, London, in the John S Cohen Room (N203), starting at 17:30. More information is available at www.history.ac.uk.  All Welcome.


10 October 2016

Round table: New Directions in the Study of Liturgy

Helen Gittos (Kent), Eyal Poleg (QMUL) and Tessa Webber (Cambridge), chaired by Sarah Hamilton (Exeter)

27 October 2016    

Cecilia Gaposchkin (Dartmouth), Liturgy and Devotion in the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade: Nivelon of Soissons, the Relics of 1204, and the Cathedral of Soissons  (Joint session with European History 1150-1550)     

5 December 2016

Kati Ihnat (Nijmegen), Can We Speak of a National Liturgy?  The Methodological Challenges of Studying the Old Hispanic Rite


30 January 2017  

Julia Exarchos (Ghent) & Sarah Hamilton (Exeter), Tracing Political, Social and Cultural Transformations through the Liturgy

13 March 2017    

John Harper (Bangor) Evidence for the Use of Salisbury in the Twelfth Century

Convenors: Nicolas Bell (Cambridge), Matthew Champion (Birkbeck), Helen Gittos (Kent), Sarah Hamilton (Exeter), Kati Ihnat (Nijmegen), Eyal Poleg (QMUL),  Matthew Cheung Salisbury (Oxford), Elizabeth Solopova (Oxford)

Contact: Helen Gittos (H.B.Gittos@kent.ac.uk) & Eyal Poleg (e.poleg@qmul.ac.uk